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Fund me! In a few days time a unique music and sports festival takes place in Altai, southern Siberia, and I want to film it. The El Oiyn festival includes throat singing, folk dancing, wrestling, big men lifting big rocks, and horse racing. The festival gathers performers from Tuva, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and all over Siberian Russia to give a unique show, performed in a green bowl of a valley within the Altai mountains.

It’s an extraordinary sight and sound, I know because I was there in 2002 making a radio programme for the BBC World Service. I also recorded music for the British Library Sound Archive.

But it takes a film to see this festival and I would like you to help me make it. I need £5000 to cover the costs – a contribution of just £10 gets you a DVD of the finished film.

Please contribute to my kickstarter project today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1808935184/songs-from-the-centre-of-the-world


Currently Head of Online Communication at UAR, I freelance as a multimedia producer and science journalist and occasionally present workshops.

Interests: Biodiversity, Green Energy, Sustainable technology (CleanTec), social housing

Impressed by sound recordist Bernie Krause on Ted Talk